THE ENGLISH YOU NEED              Proofreading and Text Editing Services


In today's world, an ever-increasing amount of material is being published in English.


Academics, students, Researchers and Business people increasingly need to publish in English. Because of the complexity involved in producing effective written English, it is not always a question of just simply translating a text. In the academic world,for example, if a document is not proofread in advance it will most likely be rejected.


This is where prooofreading comes in. 


Proofreading offers not just grammar correction but comments and suggestions for improvement. In this way, authors can both improve their written skillls in English and save on costly translations.


What does WordPerfectSolutions offer?


From 6€ per page of 300 words

- professional reviews and comment

- suggestions for improvement

- full microsoft word tracking

- online SKYPE support


Whether your need is to review an academic essay or produce dynamic advertising copy, WordPerfectSolutions is the right choice.


All texts submitted to WordPerfectSolutions are private and confidential.


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